Star Wars Vintage Collection Luke Skywalker Hoth VC95 3.75″ Figure Hasbro F1896

Star Wars Vintage Collection Luke Skywalker Hoth VC95 3.75″ Figure Hasbro F1896

Luke Skywalker
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Star Wars Figure:

Star Wars Vintage Collection Luke Skywalker Hoth VC95 3.75″ Figure Hasbro F1896


Star Wars The Vintage Collection Luke Skywalker (Hoth) The Empire Strikes Back VC95 3.75 inch Action Figure Kenner F1896 made by Hasbro and New for 2021.


Luke Skywalker (Hoth):

• While out scouting on the ice planet Hoth with his friend and Alliance Captain Han Solo, Commander Luke Skywalker was viciously attacked by a wampa.

• Luke escaped the ice creature’s cave, severing the monster’s arm with his Father’s Blue Lightsaber that was gifted to him by Obi Wan Kenobi years before

• After escaping the wampa cave, but badly injured from the wampa attack, Luke is lost and stranded far from the Rebel base and exposed in the rapidly dropping temperature of a Hoth night.

• Luke passes out and is near freezing to death but suddenly hears and sees Ben Kenobi’s force ghost instructing him to find Yoda at Dagobah and train to be a Jedi.

• As Ben’s Force Ghost fades and disappeared, Han Solo arrives with shelter and saves Luke’s life

Luke Skywalker recovers from his injuries in a Bacta tank and leads the Rebel defense against the Empire’s ground forces, including massive AT-AT walkers, giving the Alliance time to evacuate the planet Hoth.

Star Wars The Vintage Collection:

• PREMIUM DESIGN: Each figure is designed with the same premium quality found in The Black Series Line.

•  ARTICULATION (posable joints): This figure has 5 Points of Articulation.

• Each Vintage Collection Figure comes with it’s unique identitifying number in the collection. This number starts with VC and is followed with a number. This figure is VC95.

• The Movie or TV Show Sub Series that a figure is from will be found on the front cover. This figure is part of Empire Strikes Back Series

• This Luke Skywalker Figure is based on his encounter on Hoth while out scouting. Luke is equipped in his snow suit he wore while out in the freezing frigid Hoth weather

• Luke comes with his Father Anakin’s blue lightsaber ignited, the lightsaber hilt unignited, his blaster, and hat and googles worn for protection from the bitter cold of Hoth while out scouting on his Taun Taun.

• This figure is free of any major rips, tears, bends, creases or damage to the cardback

• Its condition is similar to a C8-9 on the C figure Grading Scale

• Ships Via USPS Free Shipping

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• UPC: 5010993860678

• MPN: F1896

• Unisex Gender Toy

• Ages 4 and up

• Made in China

• Product Weight: 10 oz

• Product Dimensions: 9 x 6 x 3 inches



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