Rarest Star Wars 3.75 Inch Action Figures


hi there star wars collectors and welcome to another boss bounty video and in today’s video i just kind of wanted to take you through some of the rarest 3.75 inch star wars figures that i have in my collection ones that i’ve acquired over time and i just want to get your opinion really on what is rare versus what is expensive because i was having a good conversation
 With my buddy only one kenobi just the other night and we were talking about the difference between something that is rare versus something that is expensive because i don’t think those things always mar up so for example the two mini card revenge cards of salacious crumb and the mouse droid i don’t necessarily think they’re particularly rare i think
 There’s a lot of them around but i think they just command quite a high price people want to keep hold of them and for that reason that’s why they go for a lot of money but in terms of numbers made i do think that there is you know a fair few of those around same with the jar jar binks in carbonite which is another one that i don’t own i think that one there is quite a few of them around and they go for a lot of
 Money but i’m not sure if it’s like ultra rare so i just wanted to go through some of the figures that i have in my collection today which i think are pretty rare i guess or you may think they’re not rare you might just think that they’re expensive on the secondary market but i’ve got these three in front of us here just to get us going and this these this is what i’m saying i
 Think these ones are reasonably expensive on the secondary market but i’m not really sure they’re rare so first up we have the revenge of the jedi boba fett so of course this guy is just a variant of vc09 and he is in the colors of the return of the jedi boba fett there but on the original card back and of course instead of returning the jedi we have revenge of the jedi now as i say i don’t think this
 Is necessarily particularly rare but it is expensive on the secondary market it goes for quite a bit of money these days and yeah i think it’s just one of those ones that people want to sort of complete their vintage collection so that’s one i have next up we have the foil variant of vco9 so again let me know in the comments you know is the foil variant
 Rarer than the revenge card for example i really do not know but this is this is the foil variant you can see it sort of shining away there and he is the standard boba fett there in his empire strikes back uniform on that card back and again just a straight variant of vco9 but the foil version so that’s that’s another one that i have which i feel is pretty rare in my collection next up we have the revenge of the
 Jedi princess leia slave outfit and of course there is a return of the jedi version of this as well this is the revenge variant and again i’ve been having conversations with people including john from the action figure grader about which one we actually think is the rarer of the two is it the revenge card or is it the return card because i’ve heard conflicting stories some people say the
 Return some people say the revenge i kind of think it’s the revenge although i do see more of the revenge come up for sale on on ebay for example the return one doesn’t seem to come up that often they’re both vc64 of course but the uh whenever i do see the revenge one go it does go for north of a hundred dollars maybe even 150 dollars certainly in the uk it goes for around 120
 130 pounds so from that point of view it’s a reasonably expensive figure on the card and yeah decent one to have in the collection okay then so sticking with the vintage collection we have two figures here which i class as being rare figures purely because of the amount that would have been produced of each one and of course first off we have the yak face
 Exclusive figure that came with the barge so if there was probably maybe what 10 000 barges made i would imagine you know if they account for ones that have been damaged in the post and ones that have been sent back and replaced and things like that they have to have overstock and i think probably about 8 800 or something was sold officially sold so yeah i think there’s
 Probably maybe 10 000 of these in existence so to me that makes this figure quite rare and of course here is vc000 be interesting to see what they do with the child in the razer crest what number they give that figure maybe it’ll be vc001 um but yeah this is one of the nicer pieces of my collection it’s something i treasure it was a very difficult time trying to
 Get hold of one with the barge living in the uk but yeah we managed to do it so that’s all good um so let me know in the comments do you own one of these let me know and next up is something i acquired very very recently and this is probably in my opinion the rarest piece in my collection of vintage collection figures and it is the canadian yoda he is on the return of the jedi card
 And of course he he is using the original image from the original card back from the vintage era picture of him there from the empire strikes back but on a return of the jedi card and of course it is the figure from the revenge of the sith it’s just they’ve put him on that card i still haven’t found out why they did that in canada and purely because of the reason there
 You can see it’s vc20 and purely because of the reason that this was only made in canada that makes this pretty rare and it’s one of those ones that just doesn’t really seem to come up very often for sale it took me a very very long time to track this one down and i’m very happy that i’ve you know finally managed to get get hold of this for my collection let me know in the comments below if you
 If you have this and also let me know in the comments below what rare items that you have i would love to know what items that you have and i’d also like to know what your opinion is on what makes something rare um is it is it just purely the fact that they’re really really expensive on the secondary market you know such as the mouse droid and the salacious crumb um they’re my figures
 From the vintage collection we’re going to move on to a few others in my collection from 3.75 inch figures which i think are rare these days and let’s move on all right so next up we have the comic packs from the legacy collection and in my opinion this is probably one of the more rarer of the two pack comic sets that you got here so they came with a comic
 Book and two figures there’s just an example of some of the others that you could get really really cool and this one is the one with the clone trooper and the clone commander and the reason this is so rare or so sought after is because that figure there the clone commander is exclusive to this set so just him alone loose is very very expensive so i’m very happy to have this carded i was very
 Extremely lucky to get it at the price i did and yeah let me know in the comments if you think this is this is rare i personally think this is one of the more rarer items in my collection and it helps that it’s actually really really cool as well two amazing clone figures there pretty damn awesome next up i’m going to move on to a couple of legacy collection figures the single carded figures that i
 Have in my collection that i believe to be you know reasonably rare or at least pretty much sought after on the secondary market and the first one is the hercheck calfas figure from the cantina i think that the legacy collection figures in general are becoming pretty sought after and some of them are very rare you’ve only got to think of figures like the nikto gunner and jiran and how much money they
 Command on the secondary market but i think that the her check cal fast figure is up there with those two i very rarely see this figure go for less than maybe 70 pounds which is what 85 something like that you know so that would possibly make this rare maybe it was short packed at the time i do not know but as i say the legacy collection figures in general seem to be
 You know going up in value this one’s another one the elizub serlin i don’t have her i wish i did from the cantina she’s another one that goes for a fair amount of money on the secondary market so again let me know does that make them rare next up we have a figure which i do believe was a sort of fan vote and it is the will row hood figure from the empire strikes back
 He’s the guy that’s running through with the ice cream maker now i think at the time that this was like a peg warmer these were like everywhere you could get these everywhere but now if you go on to ebay this guy commands a fair amount of money so once again does that make him rare is he still is he rare now you know what’s happened
 To all of those figures that were peg warming for so long and why is he so much on the secondary market this is the sort of conversation that i do love the community and you guys to get involved in you know as i said before let me know in the comment section below what you class is rare and what figures you have in your collections that are rare
 I mean this isn’t a video that where i’m bragging about what i’ve got because there’s a lot missing from my collection you know i do not have the two mini cards from the revenge of the jedi line the salacious crumb and the mouse droid i do not have the jar jar binks and carbonite so you know i do not have every figure going it’s just these are the ones that i consider you know in my sort of modest collection
 That are reasonably rare these days and finally a bit of an odd one we have the darth vader prototype edition figure from the retro collection and this one at the time was reasonably expensive just particularly because it was a convention exclusive but then i saw it popping up all over the place for maybe i don’t know 30 40 pounds something like that
 But in recent weeks i’ve seen this go right up so again this seems to be a sought after figure now for this retro collection maybe it’s because hasbro have continued with the retro collection and they’ve you know people want this one to complete the collection weird figure isn’t it weird design super shiny very hard to show in the camera but
 Again i’ve seen this go for you know north of 80 pounds maybe even 100 pounds now for this figure and mine’s in pretty good nick might actually think about getting this one graded it’s on a super super tough card much better than the actual vintage collection in the retro collection figures themselves these convention exclusives they always put them on better cards but yeah that’s
 The prototype darth vader for the retro collection and that sort of concludes my video today of the some of the rarest 3.75 inch figures that i have in my collection from the modern hasbro era so we’ll just line some of these up for you again so we’ve got the canadian yoda there we’ve got the exclusive yak face we have wilrow hood we have her check calfas
 We have the comic pack and we have the three figures that we mentioned at the beginning which is the revenge of the jedi effect the revenge of the jedi layer and of course the foil variant vco9 fet as well so there you go then guys that is my collection of rarities i guess some of the nicer pieces in my collection and as i said before i’d love to know your
 Collections let me know in the comment section below what rare figures you have in your collections and maybe even let me know of a figure that maybe i haven’t said in this list that i should really be looking out for i’d love to hear your thoughts on that something that i should be after now because now i do have the yoda that was kind of my grail item that i was looking to looking for for a very very long time.